NUR expands to new regions

Author: Rafael Aramyan
Categories: News

On October 3-8, elementary students of several frontline regions in Artsakh became members of the “NUR family.”
Over 126 pupils of the Haterq village in Martakert region received the XO computers. The principal and teachers tell us that students are very enthusiastic about their new computers, which will enable both the students and the teachers to be somewhat aware of the developments of modern technology and to try and apply their own skill in that development.
Additional computers were distributed at the elementary schools in Vank (97) and Nor Seysulan (42) villages in Martakert; Ughtasar (43) in Askeran, Hatsi (17) in Martuni, Ughtadzor (33) and Mets Taghlar (92) in Hadrut.